Hand Made Wooden Pens and Shaving Brushes by Rodney Neep




I thought you might like to see where I work play, and spend most of my time.


Attached to the rear of the house is another building that was once an old coach house and a wash house. (Built in 1860).

I built an upper floor which is my den, and the ground floor is the workshop, known to the other natives of the house as "Rod's Man Cave".


One end of the workshop has the machinery, and storage shelves for the more special pen and shaving brush wood, stone and resins.
The other end of the workshop, facing the garden, has the general woodworking bench. It isn't usually as clear as this!

In addition to pen assembly and final shaving brush assembly, this area is where I also make musical instruments.

The small wood turning lathe, where I make most of my pens and shaving brushes. On the left is the special precision sharpening machine for lathe tools.

A larger wood turning lathe, although this doesn't get used much these days.

(In the background beneath the lathe is the little old fireplace that was used to keep the place warm when the building was a coach house in the 1800s).


A Myford ML7 metal working lathe.

This is used for making special tooling for pens and shaving brushes, and also for the metal parts that are used in custom made shaving brushes, razors and pens.




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