Hand Made Pens by Rodney Neep

All pens come with an individually numbered certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

Stages in the making of a stone pen

The stone is specially imported by myself from Kenya

natural stone sawn in bars
The stone is sawn into bars. There are several patterns of stone that I work with, some of which are shown here.

Pieces are sawn a little over length for the particular pen, and then carefull drilled down the centre.

A brass tube of precise length is glued into the hole, and then the ends of each piece is milled down to the final length of the pen part.

The corners of the stone are ground off and then it is turned down round on a lathe. (A two part pen shown here, with a cap and a main body)

Sanding the stone with aluminium oxide cloth tape.

Sanded down to final size, and smoothed.

Next comes the polishing process - a high gloss natural finish is obtained. It is just polished stone!

And the pen is then assembled.

It is a slow and time-consuming process, taking much longer than a wooden bodied pen. The end result, however,  is very special indeed.

Making a Prince's Pen

The cap end, with its brass tube ready to be glued in.

Final stages of assembly of the Prince's Pen.

Stone pens are available only in the high end ranges of pens:

An exclusive selection of various style pens
in real stone

High quality natural stone bodied pens of absolute beauty. Each of the stone pens is supplied in an attractive presentation case and with a soft velvet draw string pouch.

Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep. No two pens are the same. They are unique! When you buy a Rodney Neep pen, you select an individual pen from those currently offered for sale.

Stone pens are available only in the high end ranges of pens:

The natural stone comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns. These are just a few examples.

Above: the bar of stone that I started with


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