Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



A unique design shaving brush by Rodney Neep
with the ultimate 29mm Extra Silvertip badger knot
Various materials combined with stainless steel

One of my top of the range very special shaving brushes
Made to special order - email me!

The SS-GE shaving brush is a combination of engineering and art, plus of course, functionality.

"SS-GE" is a designation given to the general styling of this brush, with a top and centre section of brushed stainless steel, but each one differs in detail.

Why "SS-GE"?

Actually, the name is a play on words. "SS" for stainless steel, and GE for "Great Eastern". But the SS Great Eastern was also a ship designed by the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. She was by far the largest ship ever built at the time of her launch in 1858, and had the capacity to carry 4,000 passengers around the world without refuelling.

The SS Great Eastern

Isambard Kingdom Brunel beside the launching chains of the SS Great Eastern


In the first instance the SS-GE will be available in just a few very high quality materials:

Some new materials available for custom brushes to special order:
(as at 09/06/2013)

Honey Jasper
(2 pieces only)

Turquoise with gold matrix
(3 pieces only)

White quartzite with gold matrix
(3 pieces only)

White quartzite with gold web
(1 piece only)

(3 pieces only)
Quartzite with black veins
(temporarily out of stock)
(temporarily out of stock)

Kenya Soapstone
(plenty in stock)

All ivory
(in stock)

  • "Ivory" is a high quality polyester resin with a subtle grain that looks like real ivory
  • The Kenya Soapstone, specially imported by myself, has a wide range of natural colour variations
  • Malachite, Quartzite and Jasper is real stone reconsituted with a high quality hard resin


Dimensions of the SS-GE:

  • Handle height: 58mm
  • Stainless Steel diameter: 31.5mm
  • Body diameter: 37mm
  • Knot: 29mm Extra Silvertip badger
  • Knot loft: 50mm (can be set to any loft on request)

As each shaving brush is individually hand made, and with slight variations in design, dimensions may vary slightly.

The SS-GE takes about five times as long to make as one of my "normal" shaving brushes.

Price 175
(including shipping anywhere in the world)

#1185 - SS-GE - Malachite and Ivory Resin

#1185 - The first SS-GE, in Malachite and Ivory resin

Malachite in its natural form

(including shipping anywhere in the world)

I can make another like this on request

#1186 - SS-GE - Ivory Resin

The second SS-GE produced, this time in all grained ivory resin. Different base design with four 1/8" half round beads. Brushed satin finish to the stainless steel, and a superb brush in the hand. Topped, of course, with the ultimate high density Extra Silvertip Badger knot.

(including shipping anywhere in the world)

I can make another like this on request


#1187 - SS-GE - Veined Quartzite

A stunning material made of real stone which has been ground and re constituted with a little very hard resin. Heavy, dense and very hard. The quartzite goes really well against the brushed stainless steel. This particular SS-GE has a 1/4" beading at the base, and a 1/8" beading cut into the top of the lower part. High gloss polished finish on the quartzite, with no artificial finish.

(including shipping anywhere in the world)




#1193 - SS-GE - Kenya Soapstone

Kenya soapstone which I import direct from Kenya. The impurities in the stone causing the colours make it much harder than normal soapstone. This one is an awesome shaving brush handle!

175 including shipping

I can make another like this on request

100% of the proceeds of the sale of this brush will go to funding a teenage orphan in Kenya to attend secondary school. It will pay for a year's education, plus shoes and clothes, school equipment, and also meals for a year!

See my project Help Kenya Kids

Some of the stages in making the SS-GE #1193









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