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Much of my work is done to special custom order. I usually have a waiting list! If you have ordered a special item to be made then my current work schedule can be seen here, with work listed in the order that it will be done. This is where you can see where yours is in the list.

See here to order custom made brushes, etc.

Shaving Brushes

Individually hand made by Rodney Neep
Each piece is unique!

Each piece has an individual serial number,
and comes with a certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

Steps in making a shaving brush - illustrated

Luxury Stone Shaving Boxes

With clock and stand for a DE razor. Space inside for packets of blades.
Only two made!

Stone shaving boxes

Heavy Base Stand for DE Razors

Made in real stone, Ivory resin (larger base) or Briar Burl Resin. From 35

DE Razor stands


"The brushes arrived this morning just as I was about to shave.They are absolutely stunning a sheer work of art. I used the super silvertip and have never had such a rich soap.The new brushes put my old ones to shame.The African soapstone looks great and feels just brilliant in the hand. The Persian jar is stunning always wanted one this shape. Now for the Aztec.No photograph in the world can do this resin justice.The Artisans skill and love just oozes from this brush beautiful beautiful beautiful a real treasure this one." CD


Left to right: Stone Extra Silvertip, Stone Super Silvertip, Aztec Gold 30mm Extra Silvertip


See these brushes being made, with step by step photos. (Click on the images below).

Click image to see this brush being made

The SS-GB. A very special prototype "concept" brush in grained ivory resin & stainless steel. See this being made



Almost all of the finest badger hair comes from China. Badger is a protected species in most of Europe. In rural Northern China, badgers multiply to the point of becoming a crop nuisance, and village cooperatives are licensed by the national government to hunt badgers and sell the hair to processors.

Each shaving brush  has an individual serial number, and comes with a certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

I make the handles in a range of different materials. Wood of various types, real natural stone, or resins, including a superb ivory substitute with grain like real ivory.

Badger hair comes in many different grades, although I only usually use the top grades (See individual brush descriptions for type).

  • Pure Badger
    Coarser hair from the underbelly. The hair varies in softness, pliability and colour. Usually, the ends are trimmed to shape, resulting in rough stiff ends.
  • Best Badger
    Finer and more pliable hairs. More densely filled with hair. 
  • Super Badger
    An excellent hair. More expensive than the lower grades. Better graded hairs and not as prickly. Fitted to the knot so that the ends do not have to be trimmed to shape.
  • Black Badger
    A good quality hair that is quite stiff and a bit scratchy on the face. Good for face lathering.
  • Silvertip Badger
    Superb quality. After the first use it flares out and becomes very fluffy. Holds a considerable amount of water, and makes a much better rich, creamier lather.
  • Super Silvertip Badger
    Similar to Silvertip, but a little softer.
  • 2 Band Manchurian Badger
    From the mountain areas of Northern China. Strong backbone and thicker hairs.
  • Extra Dense Silvertip Badger
    Simply the ultimate. Very rare to obtain. I use knots of extra silvertip when they are available in 24mm, 26mm, 28mm and 30mm. The 26mm brush holds an incredible amount of water, The brush which I use regularly holds 34 grams of water! That's 34cc or 2 cubic inches! One loading of the brush is enough for three latherings on the face with plenty left over at the end. Back in Stock!
  • Horse Hair
    Very soft. Produces a good creamy lather very easily. Inexpensive compared with badger.
  • Boar Bristle
    Very hard and somewhat scratchy. Good if you like to give your skin a work out. Good at lathering. Needs to be soaked in warm water for a minute before use, as the hairs absorb water. 
  • More about shaving brush knots, with comparisons and illustrations

The brushes I make at the moment generally have either Extra Dense Silvertip Badger, Select Super Silvertip Badger Hair, 2 Band Manchurian Badger, or boar bristle. (see individual descriptions).

The more water a brush holds, the more moist and rich a lather will be. This results in less razor skipping and dragging.

The greatest benefit from shaving brush use is the tendency to soften and lift facial hair before a shave. Applying shaving cream by hand mats hair or raises it unevenly. Aerosol foams don't soften and lift facial hair as much as real shaving soap foam applied with a brush, instead the aerosol foam is relatively dry with lots of large air bubbles. Real shaving soap produces a creamy lather.

Shaving brush use requires agitation of the soap or cream (usually in a cup or the wooden shaving soap holder) to form a lather suitable for a shave. Apply the lather to the face in a gentle circular motion, and leave for about a minute before shaving for the best results. With a good foamy cream produced by a brush a razor does not need to be pressed to the skin in order to provide a close shave.


After use it is essential to run the tap into the end of the brush to make sure that it is totally cleaned of soap. Sniff your brush when it is dry (now there's a novelty to add to your morning ritual)  before you have your next shave. It should not smell of soap. Do not wring out excess water. Just give the brush a gentle squeeze, a few light flicks, and then strop it lightly on a dry towel.

Stand the brush either on its base or hang it on a brush stand. There is a lot written about which is best, but I am not convinced that one is better than another. The important thing is to NOT store it in a closed cabinet. Leave it out in the open to dry naturally.

It is perfectly normal for a new brush to shed a few hairs for up to a week of use, and the odd one thereafter.

Dried soap at the base of the bristles is the most common cause of hair failure. The soap hardens around the bristle, the bristle becomes very fragile, and it breaks loose. I have seen one month old brushes fail for this reason! Moral: make sure the brush is thoroughly washed out after every use.

In areas of very hard water, calcium deposits may form on the hairs. That can also make the hairs very brittle and stiff, and they may shed as a result. Soaking the hairs (not the handle) in a mixture of white venegar and water for a couple of hours once a month can solve problems.

General maintenance to keep your brush in first class condition:

  • warm bath
  • wash with soap
  • warm rinse
  • soak in water/vinegar mixture if you are in a hard water area.
  • warm rinse and another soap wash
  • rinse
  • conditioner - use normal hair conditioner. It works a treat.
  • rinse
  • A gentle squeeze, few light flicks, and strop it gently on a towel.
  • It is OK to use a hair drier, but on low heat only.


Shaving Brush Care (PDF file)





Most of my shaving brushes sell fairly quickly, and these days most that I make are to special custom order. Browse through the brush styles below for inspiration for your custom brush  or see current stock of brushes available right now for immediate purchase




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NEW - A wider range of exotic stones for shaving brushes!
see: http://www.pensoftheforest.co.uk/stones/

"I just wanted to let you know I received the brush today. It is absolutely gorgeous. You did a wonderful job and I'm very happy with its outcome.
I'll be putting it to use tomorrow morning. Your communication and service is brilliant. I have some other ideas for the future but for now I'm just going to enjoy this. Thanks again for an amazing experience." CM

New to traditional shaving?

Watch Michael Freedberg's series of videos . They are excellent. And of course, he uses a Rod Neep shaving brush!

Vase Handled Brushes

Vase Handled Brushes

Gemini Shaving Brushes

Gemini shaving brushes
Tapered conical base with top collar of buffalo horn, nickel silver, copper, gold plated or even solid silver. From 70

Gemini Shaving Brushes

 Chubby Type Brushes

Various sizes, materials and knots
Chubby Type Brushes

The Gourd

Gourd Brushes

Retro Deluxe Brushes

My most popular range of shaving brushes. A traditional Retro shaped handle but with a metal collar of Nickel Silver, Copper or Brass at the top of the handle.
Retro Deluxe Brushes

Retro Brushes

A range of Retro styled "barbershop" brushes
Retro Shaving Brushes


A series of brushes - same shape, but every one is different and totally unique. Featuring a large 30mm extra dense silvertip badger knot, and a coin in the base. Each brush is individually named.

African Stone

Real Kenyan Soapstone (Steatite) handles with fascinating and beautiful natural colours and grain. A high quality brush with extra silvertip badger or silvertip badger.

I first started to use this wonderful material for my top-of-the-line fountain pens, and now I have a batch of the same stone from Kenya for shaving brush handles.
Custom brushes also made to order


More colours and patterns of stone now added 

Kenya Steatite Stone

Various Resin Materials

A wide variety of shaving brushes in different sizes and shapes, and with different hair types from the very finest quality extra silvertip badger to the less expensive.


Resin information and examples


A unique design by Rodney Neep
The Aztec Shaving Brushes


The Copperhead shaving brush - Ivory Resin & Copper
A new unique design by Rodney Neep.
A copper head and an old copper farthing coin set into the base.
Copperhead Brushes


Available in various materials with stainless steel.
The SS-GE Brushes

Burl Wood & Swirl Acrylic Resin

A stunning handle material made from natural burl wood bonded to a high qaulity iridescent resin to form fascinating patterns.

This expensive material is specially made for me, but in very small quanitities. Brushes are selling as fast as I make them! Priced from 80.00 depending on shape. I have a very limited supply of this material available now:

  • Kingfisher Burl
  • Amber Fire Burl
  • Forest Green Acorns

Burl Wood & Resin Brushes

The Dreadnought

A large heavy brush with a sumptuous 26mm "extra silvertip" badger knot. The holy grail of knots! One of my most popular shaving brushes.

The Dreadnought shaving brush

Dreadnought Shaving Brushes

Concept Model Shaving Brushes

Unashamedly expensive one-off brushes that I make occasionally. 200 plus.
Concept Brushes

Square and other unusual shaped handles. In wood, resin and stone.
Square handled brushes

Barrel Shaving Brushes

Barrel shaving brushes

Guilloche Pattern Shaving Brushes

Guilloche pattern shaving brush in ivory resin

Guilloche Pattern Brushes

Classical Vase Brushes

Vase shaving brushes
A unique design by Rod Neep
Classical Vase Brushes

Roman Vase Brushes

Made in stone, styled after a real Roman vase, and with a real Roman coin inset into the base.
Roman Vase Brushes

The Dreadnought

A large heavy brush with a sumptuous 26mm "extra silvertip" badger knot. The holy grail of knots! One of my most popular shaving brushes.

Dreadnought Shaving Brushes

The Verderer Elite

A vase shaped handle and with either a 22mm or 24mm "extra silvertip" badger knot.

Verderer Elite Shaving Brushes


Tall Handled Shaving Brushes

A selection of tall handled brushes - something very special for your bathroom.
Tall handled brushes

Stag Antler Brushes

Rustic and very different. As the material varies considerably, I do not accept custom orders for antler brushes.

Stag Handled Brushes



Simply the ultimate. Very rare to obtain.
I have been unable to obtain these knots for over six months. They are now in stock again in limited numbers, so get one now while you can! 

On the left, one of the superb Extra Silvertip Badger brush knots. On the right, a standard Silvertip Badger brush knot. You can easily see how dense the Extra Silvertip is!

I use knots of Extra Silvertip when they are available in 24mm and 26mm 28mm and 30mm. The 26mm brush which I use myself holds  an incredible amount of water. 34 grams of water! That's 34cc or 2 cubic inches! One loading of the brush is enough for three latherings on the face with plenty left over at the end. It doesn't matter whether you make lather in a bowl or direct on your face, soft or hard soaps, these knots cope with it all superbly!

Orders for custom brushes with these knots are invited.



Boar Bristle Brushes

Mega Boar (a large handle, and a huge 27mm knot with a 63mm loft) and Mini Boar and sizes in between. Very best boar bristle. 27mm, 24mm and 22mm. Various handle materials.

Boar Bristle Brushes

Brush & Razor Stands

These stands will hold a brush and either a DE razor or one of my Mach3 compatible razors.

Shaving stands








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