Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



  • The Verderer Elite
    24mm or 26mm Extra Silvertip Badger Hair knot (55mm loft as standard or 50mm loft on request)
    34mm (up to 36mm) diameter at the handle top
    35mm diameter at the handle base
    50mm tall handle
  • The Verderer Elite Small
    24mm Extra Silvertip Badger Hair knot (55mm loft as standard or 50mm loft on request)
    34mm (up to 36mm) diameter at the handle top
    30mm (up to 34mm) diameter at the handle base
    45mm tall handle

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly from those stated. Each brush handle is individually turned on the lathe with hand tools, so they will all be slightly different. They all have the same classical vase shape and the same features though.

Handle Materials

  • Green Agate
  • Malachite
  • Horn
  • Ivory
  • Tortoise
  • Real Kenya Soapstone
  • Amber Resin
  • and lots more

So what is a Verderer?

Here in the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, the Verderers have been involved in the administration of forest law providing for the beats of the forest (in particular deer and boar) and protecting their habitat since Norman times, The first verderers mentioned in historical documents was in the year 1216.

The verderers dealt with offences such as the taking of venison, illegal cutting or destruction of woodland, and encroachment by local people trying to build houses in the forest.

The verderers court was held at Kensley House on "speeches day" from 1388. The original building was replaced in 1676 by the Speech House, which stands to this day and still houses the Verderer's Court. The Speech House is now a hotel, and the large dining room is in fact the court room, and has a large raised oak platform at one end.

There are four Verderers to this day, who still meet in the court room of the Speech House four times each year.






The top of the range shaving brushes
individually hand made by Rodney Neep

Each piece has an individual serial number,
and comes with a certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

The "Verderer Elite" is available in three sizes, and in a variety of handle materials.
They all feature the very best "Extra Silvertip" badger hair.
That's another step up from the silvertip!

The Anatomy of the Verderer Elite Shaving Brush

Classical vase shape.

  1. 24mm or 26mm Extra Silvertip knot
    The brush has very soft tips for comfort, and yet is so closely packed that the hairs themselves have a good stiff "backbone". Apply pressure to the end of the hairs, and they take quite a lot before they bend. Ideal for face lathering and yet still perfect for working up a lather in a bowl or scuttle. The brush holds a lot of water when wet!
  2. Slight curve to the profile of the top of the handle
  3. 1/8" decorative half round bead near the top of the handle
  4. Slightly concave "trumpet" shape to the body of the handle that fits into the shape of your thumb perfectly. (There is space for two fingers wrapped around the opposite side of the handle, even on the Elite Small)
  5. 1/8" decorative half round bead
  6. Groove to hang the brush on a tall type brush stand. (With a short type stand you hand the brush at the base of the knot).
  7. 1/4" half round bead at the base for comfort
  8. Slight "dish" shape to the base. Actually, a flat base will often wobble when you stand the brush up on its base. That's why I dish the base ever so slightly. It always stands on its "rim" without a wobble.
  9. Decorative circle in the base now discontinued.



110 in standard resins
120 for special resin
130 in woods


If you do not see a Elite brush here that you you like, or if it is already sold, then I would be very happy to make one for you in any of the high quality resins. (Most of my work is now done to special order, and I have little time to make brushes for stock).

Email me: brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk



  • UK 4.40
  • Europe 8.80
  • North America 9.90
    Note: Brushes sent to the USA and Canada are shipped using Royal Mail Airsure (tracked and with delivery confirmation). Packets to the USA can take 5 to7 days to arrive.


Size comparison:

On the left the Verderer Elite Small
On the right the Verderer Elite (standard)
(Both have a 24mm "extra silvertip" badger knot)

The Verderer Elite Major is the same handle size as the "standard" Elite, but has a sumptuous 26mm "Extra Silvertip" badger knot.



Deluxe brush and razor stand

(Optional extra) with a column in the same material as your brush handle.

(Shown here with a DE razor, but the stand will also take a Mach3 type razor)

The groove in the  handle of the Verderer Elite Brush is designed to hang in this stand, or any other similar tall type brush stand.



UK 4.30
Other EU countries 8.80
Rest of the world 9.90

Note: Shipping to the USA and Canada  is by Royal Mail International tracked and to be signed for. Although the Paypal shopping cart charges in British Pounds, the amount is automatically converted to your own currency. Delivery to North America usually takes less than a week BUT sometimes packets are singled out for extra security scanning by US agencies and then deliveries can be delayed.

What happens if I don't like the brush?

Buying sight-unseen on line from a photo on a web page is not always easy. I appreciate that. I am sure that you will like my brushes once you handle them, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, then assuming that you have not used the brush then first email me at brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk  and I will make a full no-hassle refund, (You pay the postage both ways). Brushes returned must be returned in the same packaging. Returns from outside the EU - please write on the customs slip "Return to maker for full refund" otherwise I will be charges 20% VAT and import duty! - Then neither of us will be happy.

#812 Short Elite (46mm tall handle) 22mm Extra Silvertip. SOLD

#813 Elite - Dark Coral 22mm Extra Silvertip

#814 Elite - Malachite 22mm Extra Silvertip

#815 Elite - Tortoiseshell 22mm Extra Silvertip




#1276 - Verderer Elite Major - Grained Ivory Resin

#1276 - Verderer Elite - Grained Ivory Resin

This Verderer Elite has a 26mm Extra Silvertip badger knot (the ultimate!) set a little lower than normal at 48mm. Excellent for both bowl and face lathering.



#816 - Verderer Elite - Horn

A horn substitute (acrylic) with colours ranging from dark liver brown to creams, in grain bands running from top to bottom of the handle.

Brush loft (from top of handle) 57mm
The handle is 58mm tall
37mm diameter at top and bottom of the handle

22mm Extra Silvertip badger hair knot. Tall 55mm loft


#817 - Verderer Elite - Ivory Substitute

Delightfully classic vase shape in an imitation ivory. If you look very closely, you can even see some very subtle grain.

The handle is 57mm tall
37mm diameter at top and bottom of the handle
22mm Extra Silvertip badger hair knot tall 55mm loft


#818 - Verderer Elite Major (26mm knot) - Horn Substitute

The handle is 59mm tall
34mm diameter at top and 36mm at the bottom of the handle
26mm Extra Silvertip badger hair knot tall 55mm loft





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