Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



A unique design shaving brush by Rodney Neep
With the superb 26.5mm Extra Silvertip badger knot
Various materials, and with a copper collar and an old fathing coin inset into the base. Hand cut spiral grooves in the upper section. Comfortable bulb shaped base.

One of my top of the range very special shaving brushes

The Copperhead shaving brush is a combination of engineering and art, plus of course, functionality. Each shaving brush is individually hand made.

The Copperhead is available in various high quality resin materials and real stone. You may place a special custom order for one of these brushes.
Email me at brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

The copper head, which has a satin finish, (and the copper coin) is intended to tarnish to an antique copper patina with use.

Dimensions of the Copperhead:

  • Handle height: 61mm total
    (Copper head is 28mm diameter and 10mm tall)  
  • Body diameter: 37mm
  • Waist 31mm
  • Knot: 26.5mm Extra Silvertip badger
  • Knot loft: 49mm

As each shaving brush is individually hand made, dimensions may vary slightly.

An old copper farthing coin is inset into the base. (USA 1 cent coin, or similar sized coin of any country offered as an alternative).

Price 130 plus postage

#1535 - Copperhead Coffee

#1535 - Copperhead Coffee

Just an idea that I had for a shaving brush handle with a difference! The bottom part of the handle is real coffee beans set into a cream resin. The upper part is made of copper with two collars.

Topped off with the superb Extra Desnse Silvertip knot, and we have a stunning brush! (The is no coin in the base of this brush).

  • Handle height total: 57.5mm
  • Coffee section: 32.5mm tall and 38mm max. diameter
  • Copper section: 25mm tall and 27mm diameter
  • Knot: 26mm extra dense silvertip badger set at 48mm loft - ideal for face lathering

130 plus postage


#1534 - Ivory Resin & Antique Planished Copper

#1534 - Ivory Resin & Antique Planished Copper

A Copperhead brush with a special planished copper head. This is made using an old jeweller's technique of softening the copper by annealing (heating) and then when it has cooled down it is struck using a special ball end hammer. (This brush has a plain base without a copper coin)

  • Handle height: 63mm (including 10mm copper section)
  • Handle diameter: 36.5mm
  • Knot: 28mm Extra dense silvertip badger, set at 48mm loft for face lathering

Price 130 plus postage




The Prototype Copperhead - Ivory Resin - #1443

This is the very first Copperhead brush that I made.

Price 135 plus postage


#1464 Malachite Stone Copperhead

  • Malachite 44mm tall
  • Copper head 10mm tall
  • 26mm Extra Dense Silvertip 47mm loft
  • Half penny coin "The Golden Hind" in the base


You may place an order for a Copperhead brush in any resin or stone material (subject to availability). Price from 130 depending on shape and materials, plus postage.

Email me at brushmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

#1517 - Made to special custom order - Malachite - SOLD
#1518 - Parts ready to make the next one to special custom order - SOLD







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