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The Ultimate Brushes

From time to time I make a few exceedingly special shaving brushes which are unashamedly expensive. They incorporate some unusual designs, or fascinating variants of more traditional designs, and of course, using the very best in materials.

Just as auto manufacturers sometimes make their ultimate one-off car, known as a "concept model", these are my Concept Model Brushes. Each one is unique.


Segmented brush handles (made from two or more materials) are very time consuming to make. (That's why they are more expensive than the one part handles). A spigot with a dead square face is turned into the lower part using an engineering lathe, and then the top part is accurately faced and bored out to accept that spigot. Basically it is a round mortice and tenon joint, with the two parts joined with 2 part epoxy.

Once the glue had set (a couple of days), then I am ready to mount the blank handle into the lathe and start turning the shape. This is all done using hand tools, and therefore no two brush handles are exactly the same. Besides which, I like variation inh the brushes that I make. That's the creative and fun part in making them.




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#1531 - Turquoise Stone with Gold Veins and Bubble Ice

The gold veins show through the clear resin.

#1531 - Turquoise Stone with Gold Veins and Bubble Ice Concept Brush

The bubbles are encapsulated in the clear resin and they are randomly positioned. That means that I can never know what shape the handle can be turned to until I actually begin working on the lathe. The idea is to avoid breaking into one of the bubbles!

The gorgeous turquoise stone has lots of gold veins right through it. In the close up photo of the base you can see that the veins of gold are flat when you look through the clear resin into the centre of the handle.

It gives me immense pleasure to make one-off unique shaving brushes such as this, developing the form as I go along, to get the very best out of unusual materials.

  • Handle height: 69.5mm
  • Diameter: 34mm
  • Knot: 26mm extra dense silvertip badger, set at 48mm loft

Price 200
(post free anywhere in the world)



#1921 Lunar

Black resin with an ivory resin moon and nickel silver stars.

The ivory resin is very slightly off-white with some very subtle clear mottled areas.

The "moon" was created by boring a 20mm hole in the side of the handle, and then turning a piece of ivory resin to 20mm diameter. That was glued into the hole with epoxy.... and then the handle turned to shape. Finally the twelve "stars" were added by drilling 1mm holes, and insetting 1mm diameter nickel silver rod with superglue.

  • Handle height: 65mm
  • Handle diameter: 32mm
  • Knot: 24mm
  • Extra dense silvertip set at 48mm loft

    155 including shipping anywhere in the world






#1545 - Concept Brush - Banded Azurite Stone and Stainless Steel

An absolutely stunning shaving brush! In gorgeous banded blue and green Azurite stone (that is one of the unusual ores of copper) and with a polished stainless steel upper part.

A one-off totally unique shaving brush.

A lifetime shaving brush in a simple but really effective gourd shape that fits in the hand really comfortably. Lots of natural weight to it too!

The 29mm extra dense silertip knot is not yet glued in to the handle, and therefore you may have it set to a low loft down to 47mm or as high as 53mm - your choice. (Please specify when ordering).

  • Handle height: 60mm x 36.5mm max diameter
  • Stainless steel section 20mm x 32mm diameter
  • Knot: 29mm Extra dense silvertip badger (loft 47mm to 53mm - your choice)




#1878 - Shaving Set in Malachite Stone

Brush, stand and DE razor.


See: Shaving Sets

#1530 - Jade Resin with Silver Weave

#1530 - Jade Resin Concept Brush with Silver Weave

The centre section was created using a tube of soft woven fabric that looks like silver. (Actually it is some sort of plastic material). The weave material was glued around an 11mm diameter brass tube, and then cast in clear acrylic resin. I then made a "stack" of jade resin with this centre section, carefully making the ends of each piece dead square and flat on the lathe, and then glued together with CA adhesive.

Then it was mounted on the lathe and turned by hand into a shaving brush handle.

The finished brush:
Handle height: 72mm
Diameter: 36mm
Diameter of ball base: 37.5mm
Diameter of waist: 22.5mm
Knot 24mm diameter at the base, and 49mm loft Extra Dense Silvertip badger

The brush sits in the hand really nicely with one finger wrapped around the waistline. Perfect!

Price: 140
plus postage




#1508 - Retro - Quartzite with Gold Veins

Without a doubt the very best shaving brush that I have made to date. Totally classy and stunning. A photo just cannot do this brush the justice that it deserves. It needs to be held in the hand to fully appreciate the polished ice-white quartzite and the shiny gold.

A very hard material that was difficult to turn on the lathe (the gold metal was actually softer). I didn't have a large enough piece of the stone to make a tall handle, and so I use the largest piece for the top, and a small piece for the base, with a section of crystal clear resin bonded between them. Carefully hand turned on the lathe using hand tools and by eye.

  • Handle height: 69mm
  • Widest diameter: 36mm
  • Diameter at waist: 27.5mm
  • Knot: The ultimate 26mm extra dense silvertip badger, set at 50mm loft.
    (A good strong backbone for face lathering, and with silky soft hair tips)

Price 200
(post free anywhere in the world)




#1520 - Concept Brush - Bronze Pearl with Clear Section

Bronze swirl resin in an iridescent pearl that moves in the light, and a 1" section of crystal clear resin, capped at the base with a 1/4" section of the bronze pearl.

Essentially, this handle is like an entended "chubby" shape, with a waist in the middle and a smaller waist towards the base, making it a tall brush that is extremely comfortable to hold.

  • Handle height: 72mm
  • Diameter: 36.5mm
  • Knot: 26mm Extra Dense Silvertip badger, set at a low 47mm loft giving it a very strong backbone for face lathering, but with super soft tips.






#1513 - Gold Leaf in Carbon Black Resin

#1513 - Gold Leaf in Carbon Black Resin

Unashamed luxury. Real gold leaf, folded, layered, crumpled and twisted, set into a carbon black resin. Totally unique.

A classic shaving brush handle design with no added fancy detail. The wonderful material speaks for itself.

  • Handle height: 56mm
  • Diameter: 34.5mm
  • Knot: The ultimate Extra Dense Silvertip badger
    26.5mm diameter set at 52mm loft



#1519 - Azurite and Gold Concept Brush

Azurite and 
 gold shaving brush

Azurite and gold shaving brush

Above, the planished and gold plated head section, and the gold plated farthing.


Azurite is a copper ore mineral, similar to the more common green Malachite, but with a copper blue colour. In this brush I have combined the jewellery techniques of planishing and gold plating with art and function to produce an item that is truly stunning.

Azurite and gold shaving brush with a gold plated farthing

Above: the base of the handle has an inset gold plated farthing coin.

  • Handle height total: 59mm
  • Gold head section: 16mm
  • Diameter of main body: 36.5mm
  • Diameter of gold head section: 28mm
  • Knot: 26mm Extra Dense Silvertip badger at 51mm loft

See detailed photos with descriptions, of the stages of making this brush.








Ivory resin and three sections of stainless steel. A concept brush which exhibits a mixture of art and engineering.

29mm Extra dense silvertip badger knot




The Halfpenny Guinness & Steel


A resin that looks just like a freshly poured glass of Guinness, with three bands of satin stainless steel, and a halfpenny coin inset into the base.

29mm Extra dense silvertip badger



African Blackwood, nickel silver and Musk Ox Horn

#1636 - Barbershop Handle in African Blackwood and Musk Ox Horn with Nickel Silver Bands

Fiendishly difficult to make, and very time consuming.

See the stages in making this brush on my blog.




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