Hand Made Luxury Shaving accessories by Rodney Neep



A unique design shaving brush by Rodney Neep
with the ultimate 29mm Extra Silvertip badger knot
Various materials and with a stainless steel collar

One of my top of the range very special shaving brushes

The Aztec shaving brush is a combination of engineering and art, plus of course, functionality. Each shaving brush is individually hand made.

Price 139 plus postage.
(Sometimes a little less depending on the materials used)

The Aztec brushes that I make sell very quickly, and therefore most or all on this page may already be sold. I am happy to take special orders for custom Aztec brushes at an time. Just Email me.


The Aztec is available in just a few very high quality materials:

New materials now available to order special brushes:

For the full range of exotic stones see:


Honey Jasper (1 more piece only)

Turquoise with gold matrix (3 pieces only)

White with gold matrix (3 pieces only)

White with gold web (1 piece only)

(2 pieces only)
Quartzite with black veins
Leopard Jasper

Kenya Soapstone

Ivory resin
Green Agate
Aztec Gold

  • "Ivory" is a high quality polyester resin with a subtle grain that looks like real ivory
  • The Kenya Soapstone, specially imported by myself, has a wide range of natural colour variations
  • Malachite, Quartzite and Jasper is real stone reconsituted with a high quality hard resin


Dimensions of the Aztec:

  • Handle height: 50mm
  • Stainless Steel diameter: 31.5mm
  • Body diameter: 37.5mm
  • Base 26mm square
  • Knot: 29mm Extra Silvertip badger
  • Knot loft: 49mm

As each shaving brush is individually hand made, dimensions may vary slightly.

1445 An Aztec with the taper towards the top in Malachite stone. SOLD

1414 An Aztec with the taper towards the top in Leopard Jasper stone, and a taller than normal stainless steel collar. SOLD

The Aztec takes much longer to make than one of my "normal" shaving brushes.

Price 139 depending on handle materials used.
plus shipping.

An Aztec in Onyx Resin (sold)


An Aztec with the taper towards the top, which is a particularly pleasing shape. In this one I have also kept decoration to a minimum to show off the natural features of the stone better. This one was made to special order for a customer and is sold.

#1808 - Aztec Azurite Stone

Azurite is a stunning copper ore mineral with bands of blue and green. The stone has been turned to a taper and then decorated with two half round beads.... all hand turned on the lathe. The upper section of polished stainless steel contains the superb ultimate 29mm Extra Dense Silvertip badge knot.

plus shipping by carrier. (fully tracked and insured)




#1468 - Aztec Honey Jasper

Made with a 10 degree taper towards the top, and an almost square base. The end result is a round brush handle with large flat facets. The facets are very smooth but with a satin finish,contrasting slightly with the high polish of the round parts. Two 1/4" half round beadings at the base with a smaller 1/8" bead just above.

Note that the colour of this material is not particuarly accurate in this photo. In real life it is more beige/magnolia coloured.

Price 120



Onxy Resin - Made to custom order - Sold

1482 - Onyx - Made to special custom order - SOLD

#1211 - Aztec - Ivory Resin

Production #1211 is the prototype of the Aztec shaving brush. Grained ivory resin. This one has a reverse taper to the body and a small square base.



#1212 - Aztec Gold

Shimmering and sparkling gold with white and sparkling silver too. Large areas of gold on one side, and vertical strips of gold - white - silver on the other.





Natural Malachite

#1213 - Aztec - Malachite

Real malachite which has been reconsituted in a high quality resin. It is very hard, and very heavy. Various shades of greens in banded formation. Polished facets to show the material off to its best.


Leopard Jasper, also known as Orbicular Jasper, is composed primarily of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and is a variety of Chalcedony known for its tight microcrystalline structure. It is generally an opaque combination of tan, gray, black or reddish-brown circles or 'spots' of color, hence its name.

The material used for this shaving brush is real Jasper reconstituted in a very hard resin.


#1214 -Aztec - Leopard Skin Jasper

A the alternative shaped Aztec handle, this one is wider at the base than at the top, with four flat facets, with simplified beading and polished facets so that the material is shown off to its best.












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