Hand Made Wooden Pens by Rodney Neep

All pens come with an individually numbered certificate signed by Rodney Neep.


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If there is one of these that you really like, then I can make one for you. Subject to availability of materials. Drop me an email to penmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk and let me know the serial number and type of the pen that you would like.

#0052 - Apple - Gold - sold

#0053 - Apple - Gold - sold

#0055 - Elm Burl - Gunmetal - sold

#0056 - Elm Burl - Gold - sold

#0063 - Olive Wood - Gold - sold

#0072 - Elm Burl - Gold Pen & Pencil - sold

#0074 - Elm Burl - Gunmetal Pen & Pencil - sold

#0087 - Zebrano - Gold - sold

#0091 - Yew Gold - sold

#0093 - London Plane Gold - sold

#101 - Rosewood Gold - sold

#0108 - Yew Gold - sold

#0110 - Elm Burl Gold -  sold

#0111 - Elm Burl Gold - sold

#0114 - Yew Gold - sold

#0117 - Ebony - Gunmetal - sold

#0118 - Ebony Gold - sold

#0214 - Maple Black Chrome Pen & Pencil - sold

#0224 - Spalted Poplar Gold - sold

#0260 - Willow Gold sold

#1071 - Black Walnut Copper sold

#1072 - Pink Ivory Gold sold

#1081 - Blue Swirl Acrylic Gold - sold

#1665 - 1673 Severn Gold Celtic - Sold

#1588 - Yew Sold

Ebony ballpoint pen
#1589 - Ebony Chrome (Celtic Band) Sold

Oak ballpoint pen
#1590 - Oak Gold (Celtic Band) Sold

Tambootie Ballpoint Pen
#1591 - Tambootie Gold (Cletic Band) Sold

Wenge ballpoint pen
#1594 - Wenge Gold - Sold

Walnut ballpoint pen
#1599 - Walnut Gold (Celtic band) Sold

Spalted Beech Pen
#1602 - Spalted Beech Gold - Sold

#1079 Oak Severn Copper - Sold

#1593 Boxwood Gold Celtic

#1595 Ropoloa Gold

#1596 Oak. Celtic chrome

#1597 Oak with copper

#1598 Yew Gold Celtic

#1603 Padauk Copper




for sale

Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep. No two pens are the same. They are unique! When you buy a Rodney Neep pen, you select an individual pen from those currently offered for sale. Pens and pencils are made in various styles, and in various interesting and eye catching woods. They are usually available in 24K gold plated, silver plated, copper plated, black chrome and gunmetal plated.

The Severn is a slim twist action ballpoint pen with a plain centre band and a straight clip. The pencils have a pump action. I vary the shape of the body on these pens. Some are slim and parallel, and some have a bulge in the barrels or a taper to the lower part of the body.

Prices vary depending on wood type and fittings 

> Available as:

  • Severn Gold Pen
  • Severn Gold Pencil
  • Severn Gold & Black Pen (has an enamelled black line on the face of the clip)
  • Severn Gold & Black Pencil
  • Severn Silver Pen
  • Severn Satin Silver Pen
  • Severn Platinum Pen
  • Severn Copper Pen
  • Severn Gunmetal Pen
  • Severn Gunmetal Pencil
  • Also see Pen & Pencil Sets

The Severn Pen takes a "Cross" type refill, easily available from any good stationers. To change the refill grasp the pen in two hands and pull it apart at the centre band. The refill screws in place.

The difference between the Severn Gold and Severn Gold & Black

Severn Gold & Black, has the black enamelled line on the 24ct gold plated clip

Severn Gold, has the plain 24ct gold plated clip

All others have the plain clip.

All pens and pencils have a low gloss smooth finish of carnuba wax and shellac unless otherwise stated. There is no hard varnish to chip off, and it can be maintained easily by the  occasional use of a wax polish. You feel the warmth of holding natural wood.


Above: detail of the Celtic Knot centre band

Severn Pens come supplied in a charcoal hull & slide presentation box, with a certificate signed by Rodney Neep. Each pen has an individual production serial number.

#2191 - Severn Celtic Platinum Olive Wood

Beautifully grained olive wood and a Celtic knot centre band twist ballpoint pen. Platinum



Olive wood ballpoint pen

#2192 - Severn Celtic Gold Olive Wood

Beautifully grained olive wood and a Celtic knot centre band twist ballpoint pen. Gold. Black enamel line infill in the clip.



Olive wood platinum ballpoint pen

#2193 Severn Platinum Olive Wood

Beautifully grained olive wood and a Celtic knot centre band twist ballpoint pen. Platinum. Plain centre band.



Anjan wood ballpoint pen

#2194 Severn Celtic Platinum Anjan Wood

Anjan is a rare wood from India. Similar to ebony, hard and dense, but with a reddish tint to the almost black. Platinum. Celtic knot centre band.




Oak Burl Platinum ballpoint pen

#2195 - Severn Celtic Platinum Oak Burl

Beautiful oak burl wood. Platinum with a Celtic knot centre band.




Jatoba pen

#1592 - Jatoba - Severn Gold

Jatoba, also known as Brazilian Cherry (Hymenaea courbaril). Found in Central America, southern Mexico, northern South America, and the West Indies




Rosewood pen

#1600 - Rosewood - Severn Gold

A rich reddish brown wood. Very classy looking against gold.






#1080 - Mottled Beech - Severn Gold

A very unusual grain pattern in this Beech. I have just 10 pieces of this mottled wood for pen making, and it is extremely doubtful that I would ever find more.



#58 - Elm Burl - Severn Copper

Superb swirly and knotty grain patterns.


#62 - Elm Burl - Severn Gold

Superb swirly and knotty grain patterns


#1072 - Pink Ivory - Severn Gold

An extremely rare wood from South Africa. Pink Ivory is the royal tree of the Zulus because only the royal family were allowed to possess the wood. Anyone else possessing the wood (including foreigners) was said to be punished with death. (The death sentence was a legend started in order to increase the value of the wood when sold overseas.) Pink ivory is extremely hard and dense.


#104 - Cherry - Severn Gold


#106 - Flamed Sycamore - Severn Copper Ballpoint Pen

I have only a very limited supply of this very special wood. It shows light and darker bands which move when you move the pen in the light. Just like a high quality violin back. (In fact this is the same type of wood that Stradivarius used for his violins). Note the distinctive bands turned into the wood each side of the centre band. I finished this one in a gloss... I used violin oil varnish!



#127 - Ropola - Severn Gold Ballpoint Pen

Ropola is a rare wood from South America. I only have a few pieces, and it is unlikely that I will ever get any more. When turned, it shows a fine lacewood on one side, and "totem pole" like figuring on the other. Very special! This is a slightly fatter pen than the usual Severn pattern, and has two grooves turned into the lower barrel.

(In velvet covered clam shell presentation case)


#103 - Yew - Severn Copper Ballpoint Pen


#259 - Russian Olive - Severn Black Chrome

Russian olive hand made pen

A less usual wood, which actually came from Canada, and was given to me by a friend.


#258 Flamed Sycamore - Severn Black Chrome

Flamed sycamore hand made pen

This wood is iridescent, and the bands appear to move when you turn it in the light. Gorgeous! It is quite rare to find sycamore with this lovely figuring. I only have a few pieces of it!


#109 - Dark Oak Burl - Severn Gold & Black

High gloss finish. Lots of distinctive swirls in the grain. Very classy.



I can make this pen with any wood on request (subject to availability). Prices may vary depending on the type of wood used.
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