Below is my current schedule of work.

I am relatively up to date, and therefore I am accepting custom orders.

If you have ordered a custom made pen or shaving brush then it will be shown here, with your initials so that you can recognise your item, and where it is on the list of work to be done.

  • Items are added to the list when the quotation has been accepted
  • Paypal invoices are sent within a few days of starting the work. I don't like to have your money paid too far in advance as that simply adds pressure. I don't like pressure. :-)
  • Work will not start until the Paypal invoice has been paid (in advance) and therefore some items in the list may shuffle.

Please note that I don't work every day. I like what I do, and I like to do it when I want to. (I like to leave time in my life for other activities).


Rodney Neep
51 St Whites Road
GL14 3DF

Phone: 07767-836575
(From overseas +44 7767-836575)


Last page update: 24 November 2016

Each pen or brush, etc. is given a consecutive production reference number when it is completed.

Please note that I do not spend time in the workshop every day. Sometimes I may have "spurts" and get through making several pieces, and other times there will be times when I do little, or perhaps make something else just because I fancy doing it. I certainly don't treat this stuff as a business. It is a labour of love and I make things when I feel like it. I do it for enjoyment, and the enjoyment that my products will bring to people as they use them. I dislike "pressure" to make things. I prefer not to make things to a deadline. This "schedule" is therefore just a rough guide to let people know where their pens or shaving brushes are in the scheme of things, and to avoid having to answer the emails that say "When will it be ready". So my standard answer to that will always be "Soon"

Having said all that, then your custom order is on the list. I will do it as soon as I can, and I will do it gladly and carefully. You will end up owning a piece of sought after functional art that will be unique and of the highest possible quality.

Items on this list may occasionally shuffle







News update 24 November 2016
Hopefully my health problems have now been sorted out after having been fitted with a defibrillator/pacemaker, and I have recovered nicely from the operation.

We have also just moved house! Setting up the new workshop is going to take some time and at the moment the room contains piles of boxes with the lathes and milling machine hidden somewhere at the back behind them all. The workshop needs heating and insulation, a ceiling, and new electrical circuits for power and lighting. A fairly major task, but necessarty with the advent of winter. It is going to be a while before I can get back to making pens and shaving brushes.

The new address is:
Old Albion House
Pine Tree Way
Viney Hill
GL15 4NT

It has taken a while to get a new phone line installed together with access to the internet, and now I can start answering all of the backlog of emails.

We are not that far out "in the sticks" of the forest, but cellphone reception here is mostly at zero signal, which is a bit of a bind. The new land line number is 01594-516726.

Michael A
SB SB Classical vase Ivory resin

Joe S SB Forest Green Burl tall cone BO1 boar 2419


Joe S
SB Kingfisher Chubby 26XST x 55

Laurence D SB Lignum Vitae large chubby 30XST 2421
started paid

Ken P
SB Pawn shape Forest flame

Mike R
SB Butterscotch Chubby

Henry R
DE Razor handle 5M horn substitute

John M
DE Razor Handle 5M Kenya stone

John M
DE Razor Handle 5M Pink Ivory

Jim W
SB Tall Amber resin 26XST

Steve W
SB Chubby 26XST Fire Burl

Ian H
SB Large Chubby mega boar

Gordon R
SB SS-GE in Copper and malachite stone

Mike D
SB Large 11mm tall segmented Jasper Conglomerate

Robert O
Razor handle DE M5 black & silver resin

Andrew E
Mach3 Razor pale lapis

Andrew E
Mach3 razor Chilean lapis

Andrew E
Mach3 Razor quartz with hornblende veins

Dan B
SB Lignum Vitae & solid silver Retro Deluxe

Ian C
SB Classical Vase 26XST with spirals Ivory resin

Ian C
Razor stand for Feather Ivory resin 50mm dia.

William D
SB Retro Forest flame 60mm tall 22mmXST

Jeffrey M
SB Retro 70mm tall 26mm 2BM African Blackwood

Achim K
SB Amber Chubby 30XST

Dino G
SB African Blackwood Hour glass small boar knot

Paul K
Razor stand Feather as 1472 large ivory resin with scrolling band