Hand Made Wooden Pens by Rodney Neep

All pens come with an individually numbered certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

Pens are supplied with a velvet pen slip.

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Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep. No two pens are the same. They are unique! When you buy a Rodney Neep pen, you select an individual pen from those currently offered for sale. Pens and pencils are made in various styles, and in various interesting and eye catching woods.

A distictive twist action ball point pen with an old fashioned look to it. 24ct gold plated fittings, with a wide black metal band near the tip, a centre band with a single line, ball ended clip, and a substantial gold finial. This pen has a little weight to it, and feels especially good in the hand. 


#139 - Oak Burl - Ruardean Pen



#137 - Oak Burl - Ruardean Pen



#235 - Tortoise shell Oak Burl - Ruardean

Rich "tortoise shell" coloured oak burl, ranging from amber through to dark brown.

Shown below from four different angles to show the variation in the wood.

35.00 (plus 2.00 post & packing)



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