Hand Made Wooden Pens by Rodney Neep


All pens come with an individually numbered certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

Pens are supplied in a hull and slide presentation box.

Refill: Parker type refill (Ballpoint, gel or rollerball) easily available from all stationers. Pens are supplied with a ballpoint refill.


Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep.

The Forest Hunter Pen is available with either a gunmetal or chrome plated finish. The wood body is usually made in walnut. Occasionally other woods may be offered.

Price 50 plus postage (recorded delivery)

The spring loaded bolt pushes forwards and locks in place to advance the pen point.

Above, with the bolt in the loaded position (pen point extended)
Below, with the bolt retracted (pen point withdrawn)
Note also the stylish rifle pen clip

The copper bullet. (This unscrews to replace the pen refill)

Above: The Forest Hunter in Gunmetal and Walnut. (Shown here with the bolt and point retracted).

To fit a new refill unscrew the copper bullet tip. Take care not to lose the spring, which fits over the refill. With the bolt in the rearward position insert the new refill into the barrel with the spring fitted as shown, and then screw on the copper tip. The pen takes either A parker type ballpoint or gel point refill.


rifle pen

#2117 - Forest Hunter - Chrome & Walnut

Plus shipping


Hunter pen with bolt action

#2313 - Forest Hunter in English Yew


I can make this pen with any wood on request (subject to availability). Prices may vary depending on the type of wood used.


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