Hand Made Wooden Pens by Rodney Neep

All pens come with an individually numbered certificate signed by Rodney Neep.

The Beechenhurst is also sometimes available as a matching pair of fountain and rollerball pens.

A stunning pair of Beechenhurst stone pens in Larimar with silver fittings.
See Beechenhurst Stone Pens

Above: A Beechenhurst stone pen in Banded Malachite.


Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep. No two pens are the same. They are unique! When you buy a Rodney Neep pen, you select an individual pen from those currently offered for sale.

The Beechenhurst is really nice quality writing instrument at an affordable price. With 24ct gold plated fittings with added titanium for increased durability. Some of the Beechenhurst Deluxe pens are made with Rhodium (a member of the rare Platinum family of metals). German made  two-tone nib with long lasting iridium tip. The Beechenhurst is comfortable to hold, well balanced, and can be used with the cap mounted on the top of the body, or left off. Also a version is available with a non-posting cap.

Writing with a good pen is a special experience. All too often these days we just rattle off a quick email or an SMS message, and a ballpoint pen is used to scribble quick notes. I know that I reached a stage where my "best handwriting" just wasn't any more. But with a special pen you regain that lost experience when writing a personal letter or keeping a journal. You slow down a little and relax. Writing with an ink pen displays good character, and the recipient of your letter is so pleased that you made it personal.

> Available as:
Beechenhurst Fountain and Rollerball Pens
(One year warranty)


Beechenhurst Deluxe Fountain and Rollerball Pens in Platinum or Gold

A truly "lifetime" pen of the highest quality.
(Two year warranty)

  • Beechenhurst Deluxe from 130
  • Stone body from 140
  • Beechenhurst Deluxe Senior Desk Pen (A larger version) from 150
  • Wedding Pen from 96 (See Wedding Pens )
  • See some special burl wood & resins for the Beechenhurst Deluxe below

Beechenhurst Student Gold Fountain Pen

An entry level fountain pen.

  • With Wood Body 
    An entry level fountain pen.
    SALE - now being discontinued, and just a few remaining. Sale price to clear 20


Some very special materials for Beechenhurst Pens

I am reserving these for special pens. If you would like one made from one of these one-off combinations of burl wood and special resins then email me penmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk

Available only for:

  • Beechenhurst (fountain or rollerball) (80)
  • Beechenhurst Deluxe Rhodium (fountain or rollerball) (160)
  • Beechenhurst Senior (fountain or rollerball) (from 80)
  • Staunton Standard and Senior (fountain or rollerball) (175)
  • Ellwood Ballpoint Pen (80)

Eucalyptus burl & Ice Blue resin (now sold)

Maple burl & Ice Blue resin (now sold)
Made into a Beechenhurst Deluxe fountain pen in rhodium #1587

Maple Burl & Ice Claret Resin SOLD

Amboyna Burl & Red (with yellow) Resin

Thuya Burl & Kingfisher resin

Amboyna Burl & Kingfisher resin

Amboyna Burl & Kingfisher Resin

Maple Burl & Kingfisher Resin - SOLD

Maple Burl & Kingfisher Resin - SOLD

Maple Burl & Kingfisher Resin - SOLD


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