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The Beechenhurst is also sometimes available as a matching pair of fountain and rollerball pens.

#1716 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Senior Rhodium Fountain Pen & Rollerball - Curly Mango 300



The Beechenhurst Deluxe is a big step up in quality from the standard Beechenhurst, and with a few subtle differences in appearance. 24ct gold plated fittings with added titanium for increased durability, or for something really special a rhodium plated version. (Rhodium is one of the rare and valuable metals of the platinum family). The Beechenhurst Deluxe has a harder, thicker plating than the standard Beechenhurst, and should last a lifetime. German made two-tone nib with long lasting iridium tip. 

All of the Beechenhurst Deluxe pens come with a 2 year warranty, and are supplied in a velvet covered presentation box.

Each pen is individually hand made by Rodney Neep. No two pens are the same. They are unique! When you buy a Rodney Neep pen, you select an individual pen from those currently offered for sale. All pens come with an individually numbered signed certificate.

I reserve my very best quality wood for the Beechenhurst Deluxe
I make the Beechenhurst Deluxe in several versions:

  • Gold - with a posting cap from 130
  • Gold - with non-posting cap from 130
  • Rhodium (Platinum family of metals) with non-posting cap from 150
  • Rhodium with posting cap from 150
  • Black Titanium with posting cap from 170
  • Black Titanium with non posting cap from 170
  • Beechenhurst Rhodium Senior Deluxe (a larger desk pen version) from 150

Prices vary depending on the material.
Available in both wood and stone.

UPDATE: I can now supply the Beechenhurst Deluxe fountain pen (and the Beechenhurst Senior Deluxe) with a genuine Bock nib. Extra 20. Please email me for this option when buying a pen.



#651 - Black Palm - Rhodium - sold

#262 - Maple Burl - Rhodium - sold

#591 - Black Walnut - Gold with non-posting cap -sold

#603 - Kenya Steatite Stone - Rhodium - sold

#1199 - Anjan Wood - Rhodium - Sold

#1587 - Maple Burl & Ice Pearl Resin - sold

#1631 Maple Burl & Kingfisher resin - sold

#1632 / 1633 Maple Burl & Kingfisher Resin Fountain pen & Rollerball set. Rhodium - Sold

#1700 - Buffalo Horn, Walrus Tusk Ivory, Black Titanium metalwork. - Made to special customer order.

Ebony fountain pen

#2269 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Ebony - Black Titanium & Rhodium

Simply classy! Jet black African Ebony. Unusually with black titanium metalwork. The centre band (lower band on the cap) is made of Rhodium (a member of the Platinum family of metals) with a simple fine gold band. Two tone gold and steel nib with a long lasting iridium point.

Note: for EU shipping select the UK delivery option and I will send it by Royal Mail tracked)

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Holm Oak

#1691 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Rhodium Rollerball - Holm Oak

Holm Oak (also known as Holly Oak) is an evergreen oak tree that grows mainly in Mediterranean areas. It is quite a rare wood, and examples showing "flecked" grain are even more rare. I was really fortunate to be able to obtain just ten pieces of this unusual wood. This pen is a particularly gorgeous example.



#646 - Madrone Burl - Beechenhurst Deluxe Gold Fountain Pen

Fine dense grain with burls and swirls. With gold plated thread sections and posting cap.


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#650  - Spalted Elm Burl - Beechenhurst Deluxe Gold Fountain Pen

Another special Beechenhurst Deluxe, with gold plated thread sections and posting cap.

Rich blondes and pale browns with a contorted twisty burly grain pattern. This one has been made with slight bulges to both barrels.





Usually made to special order only, with a 10 to 14 day waiting time. I may sometimes have one or two ready made in stock.

Rhodium plated fittings, with a gold accent band in the cap and a gold finial at the top of the cap. Non-posting cap.

The body is made of a "silver" weave material encased in clear acrylic, with a highly polished smooth surface. Simply stunning.

#1341 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Rhodium Weave Rollerball Pen

This one is available now


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For a fountain pen version please email me at penmaker@pensoftheforest.co.uk
10 to 14 day waiting time.


Curly Mango pen

The Beechenhurst Senior Desk Pen (top) compared with a standard size Beechenhurst pen.

#1716 - Beechenhurst Senior Rhodium Fountain Pen & Rollerball Pen - Curly Mango

The larger version Beechenhurst desk pen, made out of some simply gorgeous rare curly grain mango wood that has bands that move from dark to light when you turn the pen. Rodium is one of the rare Platinum family of metals.

  • 145mm long (when closed)
  • 130mm long with the cap removed




#1680 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Fountain Pen Black Titanium - Black Palm

The very first Beechenhurst Deluxe pen that I have made in black titanium metal, and only the fourth pen I have ever made using black palm. Black palm isn't a wood. It is a type of grass! Hence what you see is "blades" of dark and light grass that are bonded together in the trunk of the palm tree. This is extremely difficult material to work with when making a pen, because the fibres have a tendency to split out when turning it on the lathe, especially as the material is so thin in the barrels. I have developed a special technique that helps prevent that from happening by impregnating the fibres with thin viscosity cyanoacrylate glue to harden them, but even so, it only works some of the time.

Is the effort worth it? Oh yes! The end result is absolutely stunning.
Once this pen has sold I won't make another pen like this to special order. I just can't guarrantee that I could do it successfully!




Amboyna burl pen set

Amboyna Burl Platinum fountain pen

#1681 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Rhodium Fountain Pen & Rollerball Set - Amboyna Burl

Probably one of the most beautiful fountain pen & rollerball sets that I have ever made. Superb highest grade Amboyna burl wood from thre Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean. Rare and often described as the king of all woods.

Rhodium metalwork with a fine gold ring in the centre band. (Rhodium is a member of the rare platinum family of metals). If you look closely you will see two subtle fine lines in the body and cap sections of the rollerball pen so that you can eassily identify it from the fountain pen when they are in the closed position.

Simply fabulous!




Jasper Pens

#1694 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Rhodium Fountain Pen & Rollerball Set - Jasper

Jasper is a stone which is a form of chalcedony, an impure variety of silica. The name means "spotted or speckled stone", and is derived via Old French jaspre (variant of Anglo Norman jaspe) and Latin iaspidem (nom. iaspis). Healed, fragmented rock produces brecciated (broken) jasper, of which this is an example.

Although I make the bodies of these pens as usual on the woodworking lathe with hand tools, I need to use special tungsten carbide tipped tools to deal with the very hard stone. The stone jumps into life as it is sanded and then polished. There are no artificial finishes. Just highly polished stone.

Jasper Pens

 Polished Jasper pebbles


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#1197 - Beechenhurst Deluxe Fountain Pen - Rhodium - Spalted Elm Burl

Stunning burl wood with swirly grain and small pippy knots. Rhodium with posting cap.




#1639 - Beechenhurst Rhodium Deluxe Fountain Pen - Damascus Steel

One of the most beautiful and pecial pens that I have ever made. Rhodium with non-posting cap




African Blackwood Fountain Pen

#1699 - Beechenhurst Rhodium Deluxe Fountain Pen - African Blackwood

African Blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon) is the primary wood used in the manufacturing of woodwind instruments - clarinets, oboes, flutes, piccolos and bagpipes. Mainly becuase of its natural resistance to condensation within the instrument. It is an extremely dense wood, and one of the very few woods that will actually sink in water. One of the heaviest and hardest known woods in the world. Whilst the species is known as blackwood, the actual colour of the heartwood varies greatly from black to brown to purple. This piece is black with some very dark brown grain.

A great deal of concern has been raised about the over-exploitation of African blackwood and there is no doubt that demand for the species from the music industry has been a driver of shrinkage of the species’ range, with commercial stocks now only remaining in Tanzania and Mozambique, whereas previously they were found across many regions of Africa. In the absence of sustainable forestry management programmes, removing all the commercially valuable trees has invariably led to clearance for agriculture, which is ultimately the primary driver of the species’ decline.

This African blackwood is from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests.The highest standard of forestry management. FSC 100% fair trade African blackwood directly from the source in Tanzania.


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I can make this pen with any wood or stone on request (subject to availability). Prices may vary depending on the type of wood or other materials used.
Woods and other materials

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